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Jaunes et Vertes
Antique French Pottery


Why do we call ourselves “Jaunes et Vertes”?
Yellows and Greens are the two glaze colors most commonly applied
to this most beautiful genre of utilitarian antique pottery of France.
A site full of rare antique pottery from France, authenticity and fair prices make
this unlike any other site. Come and peruse the Poteries of Elias Tray,
one of the premier Art and Antique dealers who specializes in the genre of
“Art Populaire de France” and within that genre, the amazing world of
“Terres Vernissées”, Antique Glazed Pottery de France.
Elias dedicated many years of studying and collecting these unique pieces and developed his
expertise to build collections for private clients throughout the United States. Thus, he is happy to
be in a position to offer: Aged vessels that were used for water, vin, huile de Noix, conservation
of food, utensils in the kitchen and many staples of “la vie quotidienne d’autre fois.”
The golden age of production for “Terres Vernissées” was the second half of the 19th C
when many potters in the famous poterie-villes were creating more interesting forms to
outpace each other. These Poteries were used in the kitchen to the fields and
with all these objectives brought together, an art-form stunning, yet accesible, emerged.
Here at Jaunes et Vertes, we offer you the best examples of this pottery that ruled into the dawn
of the 20th C. We feature the pottery of le Sud-Ouest, La Savoie, Alsace, Le Centre and Provence.
Jaunes et Vertes offers a unique service, as our loyal
clients know, insuring quality that inspires confidence.